Unfortunately these days it is all too common for job seekers both young and old to be caught out by the numerous fake jobs circulating on professional jobs boards, added to this there are email scams and fishing scams job seekers need to be aware of. The methods that fraudsters use these days are becoming more and more desperate, and unashamedly prey on the vulnerability of those seeking legitimate work.

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Getting a promotion these days can be a stressful experience especially if you are planning on asking for one directly. As a result many people may shy away from such an approach to adopt a more indirect method that could help to swing the odds in their favour.

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With the move away from traditional paper based job application forms and tests towards an online medium, candidates now have the opportunity to apply for jobs in greater volumes than before. Although this brings its benefits to the jobs market, there are pitfalls that candidates need to take into considering when applying, especially in regards to how their application comes across. 

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The modern workplace puts more and more demands on workers, from hectic daily meetings to countless emails and phone calls throughout the day. The downside of this is that many employees can become overwhelmed and stress can start to take over.

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The rise of flexible hours has given way for many people who would have previously worked from an office to work from home. Although for some people this setup works very well and allows them to be more productive, for some it can have an adverse effect affecting morale and productivity through being isolated and having not a set routine.

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