Getting a promotion these days can be a stressful experience especially if you are planning on asking for one directly. As a result many people may shy away from such an approach to adopt a more indirect method that could help to swing the odds in their favour.




In order to get on the radar of those that could help you to get a promotion many people would say that it helps if you're a well-rounded employee that is keen to help others and has an impressive work ethic, whilst these factors undoubtedly help, below we have listed our own self help guide to getting a promotion.

Excel in your current position

Doing the best you can do in your current role is a sure fire way to get you on the radar of your boss or line manager. Perhaps you could try taking on extra responsibility as this will show that you are able to rise to a challenge and to be accounted for. When the time comes for the monthly or yearly staff appraisal then this will help your superiors to make informed staffing decisions based on your performance. However caution must be added here as though you want to appear keen in your current position you do not want to meet the bosses every whim and demand. Trying or appearing too much to impress your boss could actually work against you as most managers condemn such behaviour.

Be punctual

This goes without say but being consistently late for work could damage your chances of being selected as a serious candidate for a promotion. Your commitment could start to be questioned and put under serious doubt for any future role. After all why would anyone offer you a promotion if in your current role you are still not turning up?

Build strong networks with the right people

As the saying goes 'it's not what you know, but who you know', and the way you form networks with people should follow similar principles. If you are not already attending company networking events and outings then do so. This will give you the opportunity to talk not only to your work colleagues but also those in a position that can help you to get your promotion. It is all about putting yourself on the 'corporate radar' so that not only are you noticed but also so that you are considered as one of the main viable people to be considered for a promotion come the appraisal. After all a manager is more likely to promote someone s/he knows and has established a professional relationship with than an employee who has just approached them out of the blue.

Follow all of the correct protocols

So you have worked on your networking skills and have introduced yourself to the company bosses, but you still have to follow the correct application process set out by the company. This means that you still need to make the effort to update your CV and to draft up a specific covering letter that will help to sell your CV. You should never take for granted that your promotion is a dead cert, regardless of how well you do your job and how many networking events you attend. The process still needs to be fair. Other people from within the company, department or indeed external employees to all be considered for the job on offer. Also if you are going to put yourself forward for a position make sure that your line manager knows either through writing or verbally, just so that they know of your intentions, and will not be taken back if they are suddenly asked to provide a reference for you.

In conclusion

Whilst these tips offer some pointers on how to get a promotion they are by no means conclusive, but they are designed to offer a different perspective on ways in how you can approach trying to sway others round to at least considering you on your work ethic and merit alone over other employees.

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