The sheer amount of recruitment agencies that job seekers have to choose from today is simply vast, from specialist boutique firms to the well-known truly global recruitment firms, job seekers are spoiled for choice. Ultimately the type of recruitment agency you decide to pick will depend on your specific needs and career goals.

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With today's job prospects looking a lot more promising than the recessions bought about job insecurities of pay cuts and inconvenient working hours, confidence is now returning to the jobs market. Those employees that once had little choice working in these conditions are now more positive and confident to look for better career opportunities elsewhere.

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As well as the usual preparation candidates need to undertake to do well at the interview stage, from researching the company to memorising given answers, there are other ways in which candidates can increase their chances of being selected for the job by using psychological tactics to help them to not only break down barriers by also to get on the side of the interviewer.

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Many jobs these days come with a certain degree of pressure attached, which can lead to even the best of us to become overwhelmed with stress starting to take over. We can all tolerate certain amounts of stress in our working lives and for most people this is a harmless fact of life, there are however signs when this stress starts to turn into something more serious affecting both mental and physical aspects of a persons life. It is when these symptoms becomes more serious it is more commonly known as burnout.

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Competency based interviews have been around for a while now and many candidates are likely to have experienced them over the course of their job search. For employers, such interviews provide them with a valuable and more accurate insight as to how you as a person could potentially work inside their company.

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