According to the latest statistics they are now over 1 billion enabled Google Plus accounts worldwide ( These accounts include both personal and business users, all sharing valuable connections and content. Therefore like the success of LinkedIn and the way it has united recruiters and job seekers alike, those in the market now need to think carefully about how Google Plus can help them to find a suitable job.

Below we have listed the main steps that candidates need to make in order to take advantage of this still relatively new social media channel, so that they can actively promote their skills and experience to recruiters and valuable network connections.

Make sure you fully complete your profile

If you already have an account or you have just created a Google Plus page, make sure it is completed to the best of your ability. You should view you Google Plus page as your online resume, and like a resume any gaps will put off potential recruiters. Therefore in the 'about' section be sure to fill in details that include your current occupation, your skills (relevant to your occupation) and your employment, you can list the most relevant here and then work backwards as you would on a resume. For ease, you could easily just copy and paste the relevant sections from your resume and put them into the correct sections. If you have any other relevant awards that could help to make you stand out from the crowd and attract a recruiter's eye then be sure to add these also.

Create a 'story'

Google Plus allows account holders to personalise their page with a 'tagline'. In creating your unique tagline you should come up with something which is clear, concise and to the point. Therefore in a couple of lines visitors to your page can easily see at a glance who you are (profession) and what you are all about (skills and experience), you can even include your interests (just as long as its brief).

For example:

"I am a Computer Analyst with over 5 years of industry experience, I enjoy travelling in my line of work and I am now looking for the opportunity to explore new employment horizons"

In the example the occupation has been stated along with the fact that the person is open to employment opportunities, all attractive qualities to a recruiter on the hunt for a suitable candidate.

Upload a decent picture

If you already have a professional profile picture from your LinkedIn account, then for clarity and continuity you should aim to use the same picture. This is so that if any of your networks see your profile elsewhere and then come to your Google Plus account they will be able to easily recognise you. The same advice for uploading profile pictures as your LinkedIn profile should be adhered to. Therefore you should only upload a clear headshot picture that is free of background 'clutter' such as pets, children and avoid pictures of yourself on holiday sunbathing, jet skiing etc.

Remember to include your other social media links

Google Plus allows users to add external profile links that you may have created to further showcase either your work or your expertise in a certain subject. Perhaps you have a blog or a professional website that highlights your work. All of these links a recruiter would find useful to get a more rounded idea of who you are and the skills you could bring to a vacancy on offer.

In conclusion

With the rise and growing popularity of social media, job seekers now need to fully incorporate it into their overall job seeking strategies. If done correctly then these accounts can help to make candidates 'visible' to recruiters who will often scour social media profiles to find active and passive candidates based upon the information that they come across. One of the benefits of being active across social media channels is that candidates can quickly establish themselves as experts in their chosen fields, all good employment traits. The more people that can recommend your skills will only help to add weight to your case to find a better career.

Written by Jennifer Megafu

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