The recruitment industry is a cut throat business with hundreds of job adverts written to attract top tier candidates. It will be these adverts that will be a candidate's first introduction to the particular company on offer so it is vital that recruiters know how to write job specs that are both engaging and well written. All too often not enough time or effort is dedicated to attracting the right candidates with a good quality job spec, which will inevitably diminish your chances of sourcing top talent.

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Most hiring managers these days tend to be pretty sharp in noticing CV's that contain small or indeed significant gaps in employment history. These gaps could be the result of a number of reasons and how you respond in explaining these gaps will either reaffirm existing doubt as to your credibility as a viable candidate or will help to strengthen your case to be given the benefit of the doubt. Whether you were off work due to sickness or as the result of being made redundant, you will need to be able to explain these gaps succinctly and with confidence to the hiring manager during the interview.

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Starting a new job is likely to be a stressful affair, whether you are entering the workplace for the very first time or you are used to changing jobs frequently. Most reservations people have relate to how well they will adapt to the new working conditions, similarly issues about the new company culture and being able to fit in will surface, stemming from whether they will like and of course be liked in return by their new colleagues.  

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Managing to create a lasting impression with an interviewer is an issue that will remain on the thoughts of many candidates when the interview finally finishes. One of the things that many interviewers will look out for will be your ability to portray your appetite for the job on offer. If you leave the interview room having failed to ask a single meaningful question when the interviewer hands over control to you to direct the flow of conversation, then they may doubt your commitment to the role, however unintentional it may be.

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LinkedIn has been used by professionals and job seekers since its inception in 2003. According to one statistic from DMR (Digital Marketing Ramblings), the number of active LinkedIn users worldwide in 2013 reached 259 million. Therefore it is right to say that many candidates will use social media to help them in finding their dream job, and the popularity of LinkedIn is no exception. Many recruiters will actively post jobs and headhunt candidates based on their online profiles, therefore knowing how to market yourself is vital.

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