Your CV is the most important tool in your arsenal so if is vitally important that you know how to construct one properly. Having a properly constructed CV could be your best chance of securing an interview. Below we have listed the best ways to create a stand out CV by following a particular format as well as what to include/exclude from your CV.

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So you’ve invested heavily in getting your degree and have just set out putting into practice what you have learned in a real world scenario. Getting a job after graduation can be very difficult in today’s challenging economic environment, the labour market is no different. According to one study by High Flyers Research there are 46 graduates chasing every position advertised.

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Although there are no standard sets of questions that interviews like to answer there are some basic questions that prove popular as a means to screen candidates. Below we have listed some with some tips to help you to answer so you do not get caught out.

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There are ways in which every job seeker needs to approach their particular job search. After all you attitude and professional manner in your search is a deciding screening factor for employment by many companies. At PDM Consultancy we have put together a guide so you can approach your job search more effectively and maximise your chances of landing your dream job.

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Networking is a great opportunity for you to really sell yourself and for you to publicity display who you are as a person. While you should always approach entering a room as an opportunity to network and talk with likeminded professionals, there are some pitfalls that you need to avoid. We understand that for many people networking can seem daunting, but you need keep an active network so that you can gain references as well as contacts if you decided to change your career path. We believe that it is always easier to find new opportunities after you have created established long term connections.

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