There are ways in which every job seeker needs to approach their particular job search. After all you attitude and professional manner in your search is a deciding screening factor for employment by many companies. At PDM Consultancy we have put together a guide so you can approach your job search more effectively and maximise your chances of landing your dream job.

The Company

  • Research the company fully BEFORE you attend the interview, this will help you to avoid awkward questions regarding the company’s history or key services or products which it sells.

  • Find the relevant information through the company financial records, paper based media coverage and their website, and pay particular attention to their mission statement. This will help to give you an insight into the firm’s culture and future expansion plans, if any.

  • If possible talk to a company employee, they may know things before other outside organisations do and are a great source of information.

Your CV and Covering letter

  • Just as important is for you to have a well written and up to date CV highlighting your most recent accomplishments to date. Your time gathering information for websites and current employees will help you to ask relevant questions at the interview stage, it will also help you to construct a thoughtful and powerful covering letter.

  • Make sure you customise each and every covering letter that you send and make sure you find out how to address it to and their correct title.

  • After the interview be sure to send a thank you letter either typed or by email. This will help to create a lasting a positive impression of your time and is a courteous gesture that will be appreciated.

Before the interview, where first impressions count

  • Always be on time, between 5-10 minutes early. If you are late for whatever reason it will show a lack of respect for other people’s time, and will impact on you getting the job.

  • You are judged from the moment that you enter the building and your first contact with the receptionist or whoever is your first point of contact is an important one. Always be respectful to them, if you are rude this will count against your chances of getting the job. Indeed many of the larger firms listen to the opinions of the admin assistance in the selection process.

  • Remember that at every stage of you job search you will come in to contact with people who could play a deciding factor on your professional career growth. You need to view these individuals as potentially your next employer who will play a vital role as a networking tool. If you use these tips as a guide you will help to bring professionalism and a sense initiative to every job search you make, which all employers see as invaluable employment traits.


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