Although there are no standard sets of questions that interviews like to answer there are some basic questions that prove popular as a means to screen candidates. Below we have listed some with some tips to help you to answer so you do not get caught out.

"So tell me a little about yourself"

This one is an interview classic and is mainly used as soon as you enter the room and get comfortable. It acts as an icebreaker and can be perceived as board and generic in its approach. You should not answer by listing everything in which you have done to date, only what is relevant and will enhance your chances of getting the job. Focus and provide previous background aspects of your qualifications that pertain to the job and position. Lead on for this by then talking about why you are interesting in this new position.

"What are your weaknesses?"

At this point it is best not to answer that you do not have any weaknesses, as this could be seen as boasting. The interviewer is looking for example of some weakness but more importantly of how you worked on overcoming them. Never talk in a negative way over your shortcomings. Just be brief and honest and have a good example to hand.

"Why should I hire you?"

Avoid a generic answer like “because I believe I am the best person for the role”. Instead use it to talk to the interview about the qualities that make you more suited to the role in question, and again be sure to back up any claims with good examples.

"What are your salary expectations?"

Normally salary expectation are best left until an offer of employment is made, there are however instances when such a question maybe asked. They are plenty of salary checkers and guides around to give you a better idea of your “market rate” so you knowing this as well as your monetary requirements are important. This preserved value is normally the foundation of most firms’ salary decisions, which could leave you in a much better position to negotiate any offer. 

Written by Jennifer Megafu

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