There is never a good time to be made redundant coming at either an inconvenient time or a complete shock to many employees.  However, despite this they are ways in which you can turn such a stressful event in your career around, knowing how to deal with redundancy in a positive way is an important attribute many employees need to learn.

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There will become a point in your career where you feel that your ambitions and skills are no longer compatible with the company you are currently working for. Maybe you are looking for a better work life balance or feel that you need more responsibility now that your aspirations are changing. Leaving to go on to pastures new is an inevitable career shift for many people. Therefore knowing how to leave with grace so that the door is always open if things do go wrong is essential. 

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Telephone interviews are used much more frequently by hiring managers these days as a way for them to screen the suitability of candidates before they put them through to the next stage..

Therefore knowing how to answer ‘typical’ telephone interview questions is vital in order for you to give yourself the best chances of making it through to the next stage. You need to be able to answer succinctly and confidently questions any recruiter may put to you, from your previous work history to your most resent accomplishments. 

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The importance of the covering letter by some these days can tend to get overlooked, regardless your covering letter will be the first thing that any subsequent hiring manager will see, it acts to strengthen and enhance the case for your CV to be read over others. Therefore having a well-constructed and thought out covering letter will be your best chances of catching the recruiter’s eye when it comes to securing the all-important interview. Consequently knowing what to put in and more importantly to leave out is crucial in order for you to make a lasting impression.

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Many recruiters these day will use telephone based interviews as a more practical way of recruiting and screening potential candidates prior to them being put forward to the client for the next step of the process. They have become the ‘norm’ way that recruiters tend to interview to save on the costs associated with interviewing candidates that may be in most cases based in opposite ends of the country or indeed different countries.

With this in mind it is important for candidates to be aware that these interviews, unlike traditional face to face ones, tend to come at very short notice giving candidates little, if any time, to fully prepare. 

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