With many years success as a banking permanent recruitment specialist, PDM operates on a success-only (contingent) basis. PDM confidently delivers. We carefully select only a small number of profiles to save you precious time. At PDM we conduct thorough research and analysis from the outset. We understand clients needs thoroughly, including the permanent banking recruitment selection criteria, interview process, response times and key sales messages. PDM ensures the best possible fit to maximise success.

Many of PDM’s deeply embedded relationships and service-based agreements started on a contingent basis. Clients experienced PDM’s quality service and decided to engage with us more closely. At PDM we have confidence in our global reach and ability to source permanent banking recruitment opportunities. We are comfortable proving our capability and continue to do so on a contingent basis.

Finding the right permanent sap candidate is essential. This is why PDM goes to great lengths to scour the market and unearth talent.

PDM’s most common candidate search methods, either for contract or sap permanent recruitment:

  • Searching PDM’s Network
  • Networking and Headhunting
  • Notification on PDM’s website and Email/SMS campaigns to network contacts
  • Selected specific online / new media advertising campaigns