According to the many statistics online 93% of all communication is non-verbal (although the actual make up is disputed), and during an interview that speaks volumes. We want your own body language to say the right things, and here’s how.

Preparation for any job interview can be extremely stressful added to that your body will unconsciously give away signs that you are nervous or under pressure. We have all been there, try as you might you cannot control your hands sweating or your voice shaking. Fear not there are methods that can help to take back control, so that the interviewer views you as a real challenger for the job who can make a real difference to the company.

From the moment you enter the room and shake the interviewer’s hand, your whole physical attire, including your clothes and gestures (voluntary or otherwise) will be under scrutiny. One of the common tactics to help to reduce any nervousness is to imitate the body language of the interviewer. Indeed imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, by doing this you seek to connect subconsciously with them. Use this method to build the all invaluable rapport with the interviewer, do this subtly though so as not to cause alarm.

If they lean forward then your own posture should imitate keep positive eye contact, but remember to so this so as not to appear threatening or hostile. Ideally by doing this you hope to appear eager and open to conversation, if they sit back in their chair then do the same, so as to appear relaxed. But remember the way you hold yourself in the chair is very important, by all means sit back but do not slouch, this will leave a bad impression.

Equally try not to play with your hair, touch your face or cover your mouth as this may indicate and be read as dishonesty.

Knowing what to do with your hands is just as important, if you are nervous your hands and arms will probably give you away. Never fold your arms as this will come across that you have something to hide and are being defensive. The interviewer will pick up on this pose quickly and may take the view that you are unwilling to accept direction. 

Written by Jennifer Megafu

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