With today’s jobs market being ever so competitive, it is now more important than ever that candidates give themselves the best possible change of being found by employers, which increasingly have to sift through vast amounts of CV’s to find those they deem fit for interview.  With this in mind, many employers seek to ‘weed out’ candidates quickly and effectively and will increasingly turn to Google to accomplish this. The internet has made it increasingly easy for employers to conduct a simple name search to red flag any online misdemeanours by candidates under consideration.

So with a record 1 in 4 employers using the internet in this way, how can job seekers look to protect themselves from negative search results that could ruin their chances of landing a job?

Below we have some of the top tips available to job seekers to build a positive online presence:

Remember that social media is meant to be just that. These tips should act as a useful guide in helping you to network with others in a more professional manner. While the internet has helped people to connect, it is still an open public platform, where any lapse could see embarrassing personal information come to the attention of future employers that could seriously damage your reputation. Whist it is not entirely easy to control everything that is found about you on the internet, individuals can help to control what is portrayed about them more effectively, so that potential employers see them in a more positive light.

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